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My name is Esethu. I am born and bred in South Africa.

I have just completed a Data Science bootcamp at Hyperiondev.

I have have prior experience in the hospitality, retail, printing and medical industries.

I am passionate about culinary arts, tennis and philanthropy.

Growing up, my collective goal in life was to assist people/businesses to improve themselves.

I studied Data Science at HyperionDev because I wanted to begin my tech journey with a reputable institution by acquiring solid skills that were going to equip me to assist organizations to operate in a more efficient way.

The skills I have acquired include Python, Object Orientated Programming(OOP), Natural Language Processing(NLP), SQL, SQLite, Data exploration, analytics and visualisation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

A recent project I have worked on is a an Unsupervised Machine Learning Project which analyzes the FGM data set which contains information on the prevalence(%) of Female Genital Mutilation in African. You may have a look at it here

Another project under Machine Learning is a report, Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) on the automobile.txt data set to extract meaningful information that can be used by various sectors or people to make important decisions. You may have a look at it here